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Passion Love Pursuit Podcast

Passion Love Pursuit Podcast is finally here!


Hello world! I'm your host Erica Lippy. 


I'm excited to be here and share this journey with you all. If you are like me; you are driven, curious, and passionate. We all could use a little inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. 

This podcast was inspired by my constant desire to grow, learn, and evolve as a person and share valuable conversations with others seeking the same. 

The very meaning of this Podcast is to evoke positive change in our lives so that we can become the best version of our authentic self. Which we then can live our lives more passionately and purposefully.

I'll bring on inspiring guests, some who are professionals in their field, some who are titans of their industry, and others that speak from life experience... meaning conversations that inspire us to be bold and build our inner landscape. 

This is a place to encourage us to BE and BECOME better daily.

Let's keep this pursuit in action!

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Now lets get to it!


Erica Lippy

Jun 26, 2019

Alright we are about to dive deep into toxicity. "What our bodies are telling us and how to listen." This will be focused primarily on women’s health and the things that we might be doing to our body that is contributing to problems such as, headaches, autoimmune diseases, muscle soreness, inflammation and so forth....

Jun 12, 2019

This next episode I bring on a guest that is an expert in nutrition. Not only will she inspire you to clean up your diet, she will share the importance of our thoughts and how we can heal ourselves from even the most challenging diseases. Meet Elissa Goodman. Elissa is a Holistic Nutritionist, sought out lifestyle...

Jun 3, 2019

My next guest will absolutely amaze you. When I heard her story I was blown away by her mental toughness and her ability to push through something that is considered to rank highest on the pain scale. I’m pleased to welcome Amberly Lago. She is the best selling author of 'True Grit and Grace' and a leading expert in...