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Passion Love Pursuit Podcast

Passion Love Pursuit Podcast is finally here!


Hello world! I'm your host Erica Lippy. 


I'm excited to be here and share this journey with you all. If you are like me; you are driven, curious, and passionate. We all could use a little inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. 

This podcast was inspired by my constant desire to grow, learn, and evolve as a person and share valuable conversations with others seeking the same. 

The very meaning of this Podcast is to evoke positive change in our lives so that we can become the best version of our authentic self. Which we then can live our lives more passionately and purposefully.

I'll bring on inspiring guests, some who are professionals in their field, some who are titans of their industry, and others that speak from life experience... meaning conversations that inspire us to be bold and build our inner landscape. 

This is a place to encourage us to BE and BECOME better daily.

Let's keep this pursuit in action!

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Now lets get to it!


Erica Lippy

May 26, 2020

A common word we are hearing during this time is "pivot," the conversations of how we are pivoting during this crisis. You are either in the category of starting, maintaining, or scaling your business at this time—within each category we have to make some sort of pivot to adjust to the current condition our world is...

May 18, 2020

 I know there are many of us that have struggled or do struggle with acne. Anything from the occasional breakout to a continuous cycle of uncontrollable acne. For myself it’s been a battle ever since I was in my teens and even into my adult life. I’m sure for those that can relate you have tried this product, that...

May 11, 2020

I thought I would talk to someone about a subject that many of us like to avoid, although so many are affected by—that is trauma. We all have had some degree of trauma in our life. Though I wanted to bring on a guest that shares a unique and very useful way to heal trauma other than normal talk therapy. 

My next guest...

May 4, 2020

My next guest will impact you in a profound way. It is a blessing and an absolute honor to welcome who I consider one of the most powerful speakers that has an impactful story and message to share to all of us. I am going to tell you right now, if you are able to, please get prepared to take notes or at the very least...