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Passion Love Pursuit Podcast

Passion Love Pursuit Podcast is finally here!


Hello world! I'm your host Erica Lippy. 


I'm excited to be here and share this journey with you all. If you are like me; you are driven, curious, and passionate. We all could use a little inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. 

This podcast was inspired by my constant desire to grow, learn, and evolve as a person and share valuable conversations with others seeking the same. 

The very meaning of this Podcast is to evoke positive change in our lives so that we can become the best version of our authentic self. Which we then can live our lives more passionately and purposefully.

I'll bring on inspiring guests, some who are professionals in their field, some who are titans of their industry, and others that speak from life experience... meaning conversations that inspire us to be bold and build our inner landscape. 

This is a place to encourage us to BE and BECOME better daily.

Let's keep this pursuit in action!

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Now lets get to it!


Erica Lippy

Jan 27, 2020

Today's topic we discuss the importance of learning and growing as a pathway to happiness. I brought on Tia Graham. Tia, is an Inspirationist and the Founder of Arrive At Happy, a happiness company based in Los Angeles. Tia partners with organizations, leaders and individuals to increase their happiness and, in turn, increase success. She has a Certificate in Positive Psychology and a Certificate in Teaching Happiness. 

We talk about:

  • why learning contributes to our happiness
  • how we can become committed to our joy
  • creating habits to stay motivated to achieve our goals
  • the two types of people in the world, which are those with fixed mindset and growth mindset

As a pathway to happiness we want to continue to learn and grow as individuals, which takes us being in a growth mindset. 

If you are looking to take your life to the next level this New Year, this episode will inspire you to seek growth and continue your path to learn more. Let's get to it...

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